3600 possibilities to understand nothing or to not understand everything

“I would live all the hours of my life in the hour in which I could no longer live them”
Words spoken by the titular character of Maurice Blanchot's book “ Thomas the Obscure”. A space, a period of 60 minutes contains 3600 possibilities of understanding everything or nothing. Human consciousness processes data in the speed of milliseconds and thus stops at one precise moment (what is that precise moment?) where time is irrelevant. The moment where one's body is smashed into the fabric of two dimensional space. Like an astronaut during launch plunges into some sort of non-physical state, where it seems that the force of gravitation is projecting all of the dimensions at the same time, even layering them onto one another. The moment where body becomes something else and one can not recognize oneself. And then the aftermath - the present moment.

Documentation by Julius Kuršys