It's a series of Light drawings in which spatio-temporal relations are explored, mainly the moment of present and human condition. When one explores image generation process,
one can see that space, time and human perception are the three factors that decide upon the outcome, the unpredictable result of a particular set of conditions. Using CAMERA OBSCURA, one of the oldest technologies, that captures projected light, author documents the primal source of it. With this act not only the understanding of the nature of photography as a media deepens: the capturing of light, development of an image, the aspect of time, etc., but also contemplation on the all-encompassing space increases. There rises a great internal debate, whether photography as a means of media records reality, or simulates an illusion instead. By trying to look into objects as tremendously large as celestial bodies and presenting a small fraction of their actuality, an attempt to emphasize the vertical relation between the macro and micro worlds is made. Along with the latter, the dichotomy of seen/unseen, real/unreal, reality/illusion comes round. This occurs because of the immanent internal dichotomy of a human being himself - the rational mind, powered by cause-effect and irrational perception, inherent to us by unquestionable prejudices about the universe, such as - the world is round, because our machinery and theory proves it to be, not because we can really grasp it in the palm of our hands. Therefore, the philosophical question, "Is reality, how we really see/perceive it, or is it only an understanding construed by reflections and illusions (of the mind)?" is raised and given ground to speculate upon.

Graviton 150x150cm