12 October 2009
Evening ... The grandmother asked to trim her nails.
Morning ... grandmother died
24 October 2010
Evening ... grandfather asked me to wash him.
Night ... grandfather died.
My close encounter with human deaths have left me an interesting memory. Both of my grandparents died in the same month, my mother’s Mother and father’s Father. A very interesting difference in time between deaths: 1 year, 12 days. The number twelve is associated with half of the cycle of the earth’s day and the half of the lost soul mates of my surviving grandparents. Grandfathers’ last request of me to wash him is associated with the washing of sins, while trimming the nails of my grandmother is associated with the knowledge that continues after the death.
In this work i fulfill promises given to my dead grandparents by doing those chores on their living soulmates.

2ch SD video projection

video 1 - 10:43min
video 2 - 13:28min
printed text on A4 paper

please contact if you wish to view video preview.

Nails clipping from Vsevolod Kovalevskij on Vimeo.

Baptism from Vsevolod Kovalevskij on Vimeo.